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What is Alpha and Beta Testing?

The software application may use different users on different way & it impossible to developer or tester to predict what all possible scenarios or test data end user will use & how customer actually use the software application. So most of software venders are use the term like Alpha testing and Beta Testing which help to uncover the errors that may occurs in the actual test environment. In this testing method the software application release over limited end users rather than testing professionals to get feedback from them.

Alpha Testing:
Alpha testing is conducted by Customer at the developer’s site, it is performed by potential users like developer, end users or organization users before it is released to external customers & report the defects found while Alpha testing.
This software product testing is not final version of software application, after fixing all reported bug (after bug triage) the new version of software application will release. Sometimes the Alpha Testing is carried out by client or an outsider with the attendance of developer and tester. The version of the release on which Alpha testing is perform is called “Alpha Release”.

Beta Testing:
Most if times we have the sense of hearing term “Beta release/version”, so it is linked to Beta Testing.
Basically the beta testing is to be carried out without any help of developers at the end user’s site by the end users &, so it is performed under uncontrolled environment. Beta testing is also known as Field testing. This is used to get feedback from the market.

This testing is conducted by limited users & all issues found during this testing are reported on continuous basis which helps to improve the system. Developers are taking actions on all issues reported in beta testing after bug triage & then the software application is ready for the final release. The version release after beta testing is called “Beta Release“.
This is last stage of the testing where product is sent outside the company or for trial offer to download.
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