Ernst & Young @ Manual Testing Interview Questions

Company Name: Ernst & Young
Sent By: Swathi Rajan (QA Engineer)

Interview Questions: 
  1. What is Requirement Traceability Matrix ? Read Answer
  2. What are the Components in QC ? Read Answer
  3. Difference between Primary Key and Foreign Key ? Read Answer
  4. SQL Query to retrieve the same record from two tables
  5. Comprehensive coverage (Domain Question)
  6. What if the client finds a error after delivering the product? How will you react and justify? Read Answer
  7. Severity and Priority ?
    High Severity & High Priority
    High Severity & Low Priority
    Low Severity & High Priority
    Low Severity & Low Priority
    Read Answer
  8. Positive & Negative Test Cases for Bus ? The right side mirror the driver comes under which severity and priority? The left side mirror the driver comes under which severity and priority?
  9. What will you do when the server is down? i.e. when you cannot do your testing at all ?
  10. Example of Regression testing ? Read Answer
  11. Roles and responsibilities in current project?
Special Thanks to Swathi Rajan
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