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What Is REGRESSION Testing?

Software maintenance is an activity which includes enhancements, error corrections, optimization and deletion of obsolete capabilities. These
modifications in the software may cause the software to work incorrectly and may also affect the other parts of the software, so to prevent this Regression testing is performed.

Regression testing: Testing the modified software to ensure that changes are correct and do not adversely affect other parts of the software. 

For Example there are three Modules in the Project named A, B, and C Module and suppose bug occurs in the C Module. Now Testing team sends the above - mentioned Bug to the Development team to fix it and when development team fixes the Bug and hand over to Testing team than testing team checks that fixed bug does not affect the remaining functionality of the other modules (A, B) and also the functionality of the same module (C) so this is known as the process of regression testing done by Software Testers. 

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