Difference between QTP 10.0 and 11.0?

  1. QTP10 was able to identify object through only normal object identification, there are different ways to identify an object in QTP11. These different methods are XPath and CSS based Object Identification.
  2. In QTP11, results viewer have been improved in the form of pie charts, statics for both current and previous test runs and summary page.
  3. Normal object identification method has been slightly changed in QTP11. There is a visual relation identifier in addition to ordinal identifier. In this, object identification will depend upon relation to neighboring objects and will be helpful to overcome weakness of ordinal identification feature that was there in QTP10.
  4. There is a new LoadFunctionLibrary in QTP11 that is very helpful to load function library at any step instead of starting of run.
  5. In comparison to QTP10, regular expression creation is very easy in QTP11.
  6. It is possible to test GUI and UI-less application functionality which was not possible in QTP10.
  7. There is a totally new Silverlight add on that supports to test objects in silverlight 2 and silverlight 3. Another new feature that has been added in QTP is automatic parameterize steps.
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