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Ness Technologies @ Selenium Interview Questions & Answers

Company Name: Ness Technologies
Sent By: Varun Reddy

Interview Questions: 
  1. How to work with hidden buttons and how to click without using id? Read Answer
  2. How to handle dynamic text box which contains the 3 numbers, get the number and add the three number and add it other text box?
  3. How to work with button which is in div tag and and u have to click without using xpath?
  4. How to work with weblist @ radio button in webdriver ? Read Answer #1, Answer #2
  5. Difference between MAP & Set ? Read Answer
  6. How to parameterized your junit? Read Answer
  7. What are the types of assertions in junit? Read Answer
  8. Difference between assertion and verification ? Read Answer
  9. Why TestNG is better than JUNIT? Read Answer
  10. How to create a folder in build.xml?
  11. Difference between selenium rc and selenium webdriver? Read Answer

Thanks to Varun Reddy

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