HealthAsyst Pvt Ltd @ Manual Testing Interview Questions

Company Name: HealthAsyst Pvt Ltd
Sent By: Shivani Solanki
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Interview Questions:

  1. What is estimates? how do you manage in your project?
  2. Can you explain QA work breakdown Structure?
  3. How would  you ensure 100% coverage of testing?
  4. Tell me five Common problem that comes during the development
  5. What is the purpose of test plan more interest in objective not in content?
  6. Your team is working on a very sensitive project which is on the verge of completion, Another project comes in which is very important .How would you set your priorities?
  7. You are new to a team and if a small application that has already built, what are the first five question you will as in order to proceed? who are the 3 key persons better understanding of project,application and why?
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Special Thanks to Shivani Solanki.
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