Capgemini @ Manual Testing Interview Questions & Answers

Company Name: Capgemini
Sent By: Abhilash Marripudi
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Interview Questions:
  1. What is Test strategy?
  2. What is Test Paln? Read Answer
  3. What is difference between Test Strategy and Test Plan?
  4. What is difference between Agile methodology and other SDLC models? Read Answer
  5. Explain Bug Life cycle? Read Answer
  6. Explain SDLC?
  7. Explain STLC? Read Answer
  8. In which stage of SDLC, Bug life cycle will come into the picture? Read Answer
  9. How to upload test cases which are written in Excel sheet to QC?
  10. What are challenges you faced in Testing(Answer should be realistic like editing test cases if customer change the requirement in the middle of testing)?
  11. Explain about your project?
  1. Command to get the disk space(free space and used space) in Unix?
  1. How to get the unique records(without duplicate) from the table?
  2. How to get the unique records from the set of tables?
  3. How to calculate the number of unique rows from a table?

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