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What is Adhoc Testing?

Adhoc Testing:
When a software testing performed without proper planning and documentation, it is said to be Adhoc Testing. Such kind of tests are executed only once unless we uncover the defects.

Adhoc Tests are done after formal testing is performed on the application. Adhoc methods are the least formal type of testing as it is NOT a structured approach. Hence, defects found using this method are hard to replicate as there are no test cases aligned for those scenarios.

Testing is carried out with the knowledge of the tester about the application and the tester tests randomly without following the specifications/requirements. Hence the success of Adhoc testing depends upon the capability of the tester, who carries out the test. The tester has to find defects without any proper planning and documentation, solely based on tester's intuition.

When to Execute Adhoc Testing ?
Adhoc testing can be performed when there is limited time to do exhaustive testing and usually performed after the formal test execution. Adhoc testing will be effective only if the tester has in-depth understanding about the System Under Test.

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