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QTP 11 New Features

1) XPath and CSS based object identification
Identify objects not only using normal object identification but also with XPath and CSS identifier properties.

2) Visual Relation Identifier
A visual relation identifier is a set of definitions that enable you to identify the object in the application according its neighboring objects in the application. You can select neighboring objects that will maintain the same relative location to your object, even if the user interface design changes. You define visual relations in the Visual Relation Identifier dialog box, which is accessible from the local or shared object repository, and from the Object Properties dialog box.

3) Load Function Libraries at Run Time
With the help of ‘LoadFunctionLibrary’ statement. You can load a function library when a step runs instead of at the beginning of a run session.

4) Good Looking and Enhanced Results Viewer
The Improved results viewer provides an executive summary page with summary data, pie charts and statistics for both the current and previous runs and a quick link to the previous run results.

5) Easy Regular Expressions 

We can create regular expressions with the help of syntax hints. Regular Expression Evaluator is available to test regular expressions that you have created.

6) Test Your GUI and UI-Less Application Functionality in One Test
Since QTP is integrated with Service Test, you can test your GUI and non-GUI based apps in a single run.

7) Firefox Support

8) Automatically Parameterize Steps
We can instruct QTP 11 to automatically parameterize test steps at the end of record session.

9) Silverlight Add-in
To test objects in Silverlight 2 and Silverlight 3 applications. [After installation, Silverlight Add-in is displayed in the Add-in Manager as a child add-in under the WPF Add-in]

10) Extend WPF and Silverlight Support
We can use WPF and Silverlight Add-in Extensibility SDK to develop support for testing third-party and custom WPF and Silverlight controls that are not supported out-of-the-box

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