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What are the QTP License Types ?

To work with QTP we should always require a license. When you install QTP, by default it will provide a 30 day demo license (For QTP 11). In the demo period or completion of demo period, to work with QTP you must give the license information specified below.

Seat License:
It’s a permanent license which is specific to the computer on which QTP installed. If you want to have QTP in two machines and you want to use the both machines of QTP then you must buy 2 seat licenses. To configure seat license for QTP you must have a license code that is given by the vendor.

Concurrent License:
This is a network based license that can be used by multiple users. If I brought 5 concurrent QTP licenses and I have 10 people to work on, then any 5 people can connect to my license server to work with QTP. That means anybody can use QTP but at a time a maximum of 5 people can work. A concurrent license can have more licenses in it. To configure a concurrent license for your QTP, you must have concurrent license server name or IP address.

Commuter License:
A commuter license is also a type of concurrent license that can avail during the unavailability concurrent license server. If your going on a business trip and not able connect to the concurrent license server then you can ask administrator to install commuter license. A commuter license is a concurrent license that works like a seat license for a specific period.
If you have configured 5 concurrent licenses and if you want to configure a commuter license for a person’s onsite business trip then from that time onwards you should work with 4 concurrent licenses till the specified configured period of commuter license. The Commuter license validity is up to 180 days.

You can change your license type at any time (as long as you are logged in with administrator permissions on your computer). For example, if you are currently working with a seat license, you can choose to connect to a concurrent license server, if one is available on your network.
Help -> About Quick Test Professional -> Click on License Button to know about currently opened QTP license information.

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