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What is Agile SCRUM Methodology ? How It works ?

Scrum is an innovative approach to getting work done in efficient way. It is iterative & incremental agile software development method. These iterations are time boxed with various iterations & each iteration is called Sprint. The Sprint is basically 2-4 week long & each sprint requires sprint planning estimation. According to latest surveys Scrum is the most popular agile project management methodology in software development. The term Scrum is formed from Rugby.

Scrum is ideally used where highly emergent or rapidly changing requirements. Scrum is basically worked on a self-organizing, cross-functional team. In the overall scrum team there is no team leader who assign the task to team rather whole scrum members work as a team & they decides the task on which they will work on. Also the problem will be resolve by team.

Each Agile Development Scrum team having three core scrum roles: Product Owner, Scrum Master & The Team.

1) Product Owner: The Product Owner is the person who represents the stakeholders and is the voice of the customer. Product owner writes the User Stories, ordered priorities and add in the Product Backlog. It is recommended that Agile Scrum Master should not mix with Product Owner; both members should be different as each member having its own responsibilities.

2) Scrum Master: The ScrumMaster is a facilitative team leader who ensures that the team adheres to its chosen process and removes blocking issues to deliver the sprint deliverable/goal. Scrum Master is not a team leader but act as a shield for the team from external interference’s & also removes barriers. ScrumMaster facilitates the daily scrums.

3) The Team: The scrum development team is generally size of 5-9 peoples with self-organizing and cross-functional skills who do actual work like Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Documentation etc.
In the start of every Scrum Sprint, the team members are committed to delivering few tasks from Scrum Product backlog. Over the sprint timeboxed the team work on developing, testing, integrating feature & end of the Sprint in the Sprint Review Meeting these functionality demoed to Product Owner & interested Stakeholders. In this meeting they can give feedback if any on developed product which could influence the next sprint.

The main artifact in the Agile Scrum project is the product itself. The team is working efficiently on product to deliver shippable product after end of every sprint. The Product Backlog is place where all requirements are ordered and written in the user story format. These user stories are ordered & prioritized by Product Owner based on risk, business value, date needed, dependencies etc so that most valuable features picked in Sprint first.

Product Backlog:
The Product Backlog is a ordered & prioritized list of item that all need to include in the product. It is dynamic & during the project items may added or deleted from this list. All items are ordered prioritized in this list. The highest priority items are completed first.

Sprint Backlog:
In the Sprint planning meeting the team picks list of User stories from Product Backlog. These selected items moved from Product backlog to Sprint backlog. All sprint backlog user stories are discussed items from the product backlog and team member committed to complete the assigned task within Sprint Timeboxed. Each user story is divided into smaller detailed tasks. In Sprint team work together collaboratively to complete Sprint tasks.

Daily SCRUM:
The Daily SCRUM is not used as a problem-solving or issue resolution meeting. In the Daily SCRUM each of the team members should answer three questions:

  • What did you do yesterday?
  • What will you do today?
  • Are there any obstacles in your way?
In the Daily SCRUM team share the conflicts, obstacle or impediment faced in their tasks & any possible solutions on that. On daily basis this meeting holds on same time, same location hold by Agile SCRUM team. Ideally “The Daily SCRUM” is conducted in the morning which helps to plan task for whole day. As Agile process & Sprint is time-boxed, similarly Daily SCRUM meeting should be time-boxed to 15 minutes max. In this meeting discussion should be quick and relevant. The SCRUMMaster always helps to maintain the focus of team to its Sprint goal.

A Sprint Burndown:
Sprint Burndown measures remaining Sprint Backlog items across the time of a Sprint. It is very effective visual indicator to get correlation between work remaining at any point of time & the actual progress of team. Prior to Daily SCRUM meeting, Sprint Burndown chart should be updated, so it will help to understand the progress of Sprint daily & makes any adjustments if needed.

Shippable Product:
The end of the Sprint can turn into an increment of potentially shippable functionality hand over to customer. This shippable functionality should be well-structured, well-written code, thoroughly tested and user operation of the functionality is documented. At the end of the Sprint  features committed in Sprint are demonstrated to all stakeholders & they provide the valuable feedback to moving product in correct direction.

Sprint Retrospective:
At the end of each Sprint review and Retrospective meeting should be conducted to know what went good & bad in Sprint. Participants for this meeting is Team, SCRUM Master & Product Owner(Listner). This meeting also timeboxed to 2-3 hours. Using this approach each team member is asked to identify specific things that the team should:

  • Start doing
  • Stop doing
  • Continue doing
Iterations are a key feature of the SCRUM process. In the next Sprint again team choose the chunk of User stories from the Product backlog & Sprint cycle started with new Sprint goals again. These cycles are continue doing unless and until Product backlog is finished or Deadline reaches or budget is used up. Agile SCRUM is ensure that all high priority task ordered top in the Product backlog so those can get completed first before the project ends.

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