What is Automation Framework? and Features of Automation Framework ?

What is Automation Framework?
In General a Test Automation Framework, is nothing but a set of guidelines which you can follow during scripting to achieve the desired results (Ex: your code is easy to understand, can be re-used, needs little maintenance and is scalable
Features of Automation Framework 
Following are the features that should be available in a good automation framework.
  • The framework should be designed in such a way that it helps achieve maximum possible re-use.
  • The code should be easy to understand and maintain.
  • The framework should be designed in such a way that all different components such as test cases, function libraries, object repositories, data sheets, configuration files and test results are stored in separate folders. This would help the users understand the framework easily.
  • Data parametrization should be done to keep the code separate from data, so that the same code can be re-used for different sets of data.
  • Test Results should make sense and should be easy to understand. You can also provide high level and detailed test results separately.
  • Proper error handling mechanisms should be employed. You can consider providing screenshots of the failed test cases.
  • When test cases are run in batch, failure of 1 test case shouldn’t affect the execution of the remaining test cases in the batch.
  • The framework can also include email (and if required SMS) functionality so that the test results are automatically mailed/sms’ed to the stakeholders.
Other than these features, you can also include various other features based on your requirements.

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