What is Object Spy? How it works ?

Navigation: - Tools-->object spy
Using the Object Spy, you can view the run-time or test object properties and methods of any object in an open application. You use the Object Spy pointer to point to an object. The Object Spy dialog box displays the selected object's hierarchy tree. It displays the run-time or test object properties and values of the selected object in the Properties tab. It displays the run-time or test object methods associated with the selected object in the Methods tab.

To use object spy Click on the hand button showing in up side and show the object to that hand button Quicktest will automatically displays properties of that object.

In QTP 11 Object Spy has been improved with following features:

Add an object to a repository: You can now add an object to the object repository directly from the Object Spy.
Highlight an object in your application: When you select a test object in the Object Spy Object hierarchy tree, you can then select to highlight the object in your application that corresponds to that test object.
Copy/paste object properties: You can copy the identification properties and values of a selected test object in the Object Spy and paste the details into any document. The details are formatted in programmatic description syntax. This option is especially useful if you want to compare the properties and values of two objects in your application or when creating programmatic descriptions.
Additionally, the Object Spy has a new, cleaner look and feel

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