Oracle @ Manual Testing Interview Questions Part #2

Company Name: Oracle
Sent By: Vijay Kumar (QA Engineer)

Interview Questions:
  1. What is a test plans? Read Answer
  2. What are the contents present in a test plan? Read Answer
  3. Which test case we will test 1st Negative Testcase or Passive Testcase?
  4. What is diff b/w Integration Testing & Regression Testing
  5. What is Defect Density and Validity?
  6. What is Smoke Testing and Sanity Testing
  7. What is Sanitation Testing?
  8. Explain about STLC? Read Answer
  9. How to arrive test case? How to write test case in Email Id?
Some Question on SQL:
  1. Difference between Where and Having Clause? 
  2. Do you Know Joins, Tell me how many types are there?
  3. What is Difference b/w Left Outer, Right Outer, Inner Join Explain with an example?
  4. IN Joins, is where required, instead of ON?

Special Thanks to Vijay Kumar. 
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