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Thomson Reuters @ QTP Interview Questions & Answers

Company Name: Thomson Reuters
Sent By: Sravan Kumar 
Answered By: Madhukar Kadarla
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Interview Questions:
  1. How to get list of items from Weblist? Read Answer
  2. How to perform mouse right click operations? Read Answer
  3. How to read data from Datatable? Read Answer
  4. How to load Object repository and function libraries at runtime? Read Answer
  5. How to get items from webtable?
  6. How to get the count of occurrences of a particular string from Datatable? Read Answer
  7. Function which returns a zero based array? Read Answer
  8. How to connect to database using QTP? Read Answer
  9. How to active row in Datatable? Read Answer
  10. File extensions?
  11. How to close browsers? Read Answer
  12. Diff b/w descrptive and object repository?
  13. Components of framework?
  14. Types of object Identification? Read Answer
  15. How to delay QTP? Read Answer
  16. How many actions are created in a new script? Read Answer
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Special Thanks to Sravan Kumar.
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