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TEK Systems @ Manual Testing Interview Questions & Answers

Company Name: TEK Systems 
Sent By: Sravanthi Ds (QA Engineer)
Interview Questions: 
  1. Tell me about yourself?
  2. Explain about your current project and also roles and Responsibilities?
  3. Which model you followed in your current project and Explain in detail?( I followed agile and i explained the agile methodology) Read Answers Agile #1, Agile #2, V-Model #1, V-Model #2, Waterfall #1, Waterfall #2
  4. Explain smoke testing and regression testing?
    Read Answers Smoke Testing, Regression Testing
  5. Difference between Regression Testing and Re-Testing? Read Answer
  6. Difference between Smoke and Sanity testing? Read Answer
  7. Difference between load and stress testing? Read Answer
  8. Explain STLC? Read Answer
  9. What is non functional testing? Read Answer
  10. what is stub and drivers?
  11. What are test case design techniques?
  12. What is alpha and beta testing? Read Answer
  13. what is primary key and why it is called primary key? Read Answer
  14. what is foreign key? Read Answer
Special Thanks to Sravanthi Ds.
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