What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of V Model ?

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Advantages of V-model:
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Testing activities like planning, test designing happens well before coding. This saves a lot of time. Hence higher chance of success over the waterfall model.
  • Proactive defect tracking that is defects are found at early stage.
  • Avoids the downward flow of the defects.
  • Works well for small projects where requirements are easily understood.
Disadvantages of V-model:
  • Very rigid and least flexible.
  • Software is developed during the implementation phase, so no early prototypes of the software are produced.
  • If any changes happen in midway, then the test documents along with requirement documents has to be updated.
When to use the V-model:
  • The V-shaped model should be used for small to medium sized projects where requirements are clearly defined and fixed.
  • The V-Shaped model should be chosen when ample technical resources are available with needed technical expertise.
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