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Advantages and Disadvantages of Waterfall Model ?

Advantages of Waterfall Model:
  • This is linear simple model to implement & easy to maintain.
  • In the SDLC initial phase spent time on reviewing requirements and design which saves the time later.
  • Required resources are minimum in this model as compare to other.
  • After every phase of the model a document in created which help & simpler to understand & design the system.
  • Upon completion of coding, is done to check for implemented code or correctness of system.
  •  For each stage deadlines can be set which will help to develop the system on decided time frame.

Disadvantages of Waterfall Model: 
  • The biggest disadvantages of such system is it won’t allow to go back. If the problems in the design phase which creates complication in the implementation phase.
  • This model is rigid model. Not flexible & make changes is not possible in the development of system.
  • Unable to start the next phase before completing the previous phase so time consuming.
  • In the deployment phase all requirements are not covered or all requirements are not cover so adding such requirements may create unsuitable system.
  • To make it customer happy such new requirement need to be implemented in new version of system which leads to added cost to system development.
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