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Capgemini @ QTP Interview Questions & Answers

Company Name: Capgemini
Sent By: Arun S( Automation Tester)

Interview Questions:
  1. Tell about yourself?
  2. Your roles and responsibilties and daily tasks?
  3. Explain your frame work?
  4. Difference between byval and byref and which is default? Read Answer
  5. Limitation of  ExecuteFile method.? Read Answer
  6. Difference between qtp 10.0 and 11.0? Read Answer
  7. Team strength
  8. Error Handling in QTP? Read Answer
  9. Web Table Object : all methods and properties in web table? Read Answer
  10. How to run  vbs in cmd prompt? 
  11. How to load vbs,env var,xml,objrep  during runtime? Read Answer
  12. How to merge obj rep
  13. What is your reporting method ?
  14. Explain about smart identification? Read Answer
  15. Explain about qtp object identification? Read Answer
  16. why descriptive why not obj rep ? Read Answer
  17. Types of descriptive programming ? Read Answer
  18. some basics in excel com api ?
  19. What is AOM and explain ?
  20. How to join two string without "&" ? Read Answer
  21. reverse string"capgemini" without strreverse function ? Read Answer

Special Thanks to Arun.
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