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Thomson Reuters @ QTP Interview Questions & Answers

Company Name: Thomson Reuters
Sent By: Swathi Rajan
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Interview Questions:
1. How to capture Run time errors and descriptions? Read Answer
2. What are the different ways to implement Synchronization?
3. How to convert a string to an integer? Read Answer
4. How to import data from .xls to dataTable during Run time? Read Answer
5. How to read data from Database? Read Answer
6. How to get all links name displayed on Browser?
7. What are the available ordinal identifiers in QTP? Read Answer
8. How to reverse a specified string without using StrReverse function? Read Answer
9. Write the code to find out the difference of two given dates in hours using VB built-in function? Read Answer
10. Write difference between Action and Function? Read Answer
11. Write difference between F10 and F11 in QTP? Read Answer
12. How to associate Object Repository and Function Library at Run time? Read Answer
13. What is the output of the following code? 

Function fnadd(z,b)
End Function

Function fnadd(z,b,o)
End Function

print x
print y

14. Does the following code execute successfully?Give reasons.
Dim a
Const b=20
Dim c
print c
print b
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