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Top 50 @ QTP Interview Questions and Answers

  1. What are the Advantages of Automation Testing ?
  2. What are the QTP License Types ?
  3. Types of Recording Modes in QTP?
  4. Difference Between Normal, Analog and LowLevel Recordings ?
  5. What is Object Repository in QTP and How it works ?
  6. What is Local Object Repository in QTP and How it works ?
  7. What is Shared Object Repository In QTP and How it works?
  8. What is Object Spy? How it works ?
  9. What is Object Identification in QTP and How It Works ?
  10. What is Smart Identification in QTP and How It Works?
  11. Descriptive Programming in QTP ? and How It Works ?
  12. When to use Descriptive Programming?
  13. Regular Expressions in QTP ? Types of Regular Expressions?
  14. Parametrization in QTP?
  15. Difference between Actions and Functions?
  16. What is Option Explicit and How to Use It?
  17. What is the use of 'On Error Resume Next' in QTP?
  18. What will happen if i put "On Error Resume Next" above option explicit statement and below option explicit statement?
  19. QTP Recovery Scenarios and How It Works ?
  20. What is Automation Framework? and Features of Automation Framework ?
  21. QTP Linear Framework ? Advantages and Disadvantages ?
  22. QTP Functional Decomposition Framework ? Advantages and Disadvantages ?
  23. What is Data Driven Framework and How It Works ?
  24. What is Keyword Driven Framework and How it works ?
  25. QTP 11 New Features
  26. How to handle dynamic objects in QTP ?
  27. Four Different Ways to Associate Function Libraries to QTP Scripts
  28. How to get all link names on the Browser using QTP?
  29. How to retrieve data from database using QTP?
  30. How to export the import file data into the datatable?
  31. Write a function for addition of three numbers and call it?
  32. How many actions we can create in a script?
  33. Types of Object Identification in QTP?
  34. How to close browsers?
  35. How to active row in Datatable?
  36. Instr() Function in VB Script?
  37. Split() Function in VB Script?
  38. Mid() Function in VB Script?
  39. What is the use of 'Preserve' keyword in VB Script?
  40. Write a script for finding difference between the two dates 15-aug-1947 and Today date in Hours?
  41. Write a script for comparing the content in excel file and the webtable in a webpage?
  42. Write a script for given number is positive or negative of editbox in a webpage?
  43. Write VB Script for printing the below pattern?

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